Wastewater from livestock can be transformed into valuable animal feed

How it works

We developed a circular system using microalgae to treat aquaculture wastewater. It transforms the nutrients from fish manure into a sustainable protein, thus making the wastewater treatment process profitable!

Our current system is used for inland aquaculture; however, our technology has the potential to treat all types of animal manure (cow, chicken and swine).

Our Innovation





Decentralized  Hardware



SDG 2:
Plant-based protein to feed the fish and the world growing population.


SDG 6:
Conserve and protect freshwater resources around the farm.


SDG 14:
Prevent dangerous nutrient levels in the ocean and stop marine pollution.

Our solution benefits the environment, people and the economy

Original technological synergies: 

Reduction of water pollution healing aquatic ecosystems.

Reduction of greenhouse gases

by replacing unsustainable protein.

Increased quality of animal feed due to microalgae’s protein and lipid combination.

CO2 sequestration by microalgae reducing total emissions of the agro-industry.

Self-sufficient animal feed production (the main variable cost of the farmer).

Increased water availability due to reduced water consumption of the agro-industry.

Reduced exposure to health risks due to access to cleaner water.

On-site wastewater treatment and animal feed production creating a circular economy.

Water treatment with return on investment due to the production of the animal feed.

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